Footwear upwards: Grindr ‘hacked to expose exclusive pictures’, fruit’s tips, plus

Joel Simkhai, founder for the homosexual relationships app Grindr, faces concerns over safety. Picture: Suki Dhanda

A quick explosion of 14 backlinks so that you can chew more than, as selected by tech group

Love online: 100,000 Grindr users exposed in hack fight >>> Sydney Morning Herald

The hacker uncovered a way to join as another consumer, impersonate that consumer, speak and deliver photo with the person. The vulnerabilities may also be present in Blendr, the straight form of the app, relating to a security specialist just who said both applications had “no actual safety” and were “poorly created”.

Two things about SOPA/PIPA immediately after which I’ll shut-up 🙂 >> Joel Spolsky – Google+

Founder and leader of pile trade, Joel Spolsky, which includes sensible reflections article PIPA and SOPA. This will be beginning to become too cogent and organised for the net:

The net seems to dismiss guidelines until anyone tries to simply take some thing from all of us. then we carefully safeguard any particular one thing and not counter-attack. Then your opposite side says, “OK, damage,” and becomes half of what they need. That’s not the way to win. that’s the method to discover a constant and constant erosion of liberties using the internet. The answer should start lobbying for our own statutes.

A Blog Post PIPA Post >> A VC

Respected buyer Fred Wilson makes for lengthy battle over PIPA. Back to the drawing panel for suggested laws – but will this article and technical companies bypass the same desk?

This article online+ stats is actually a billion* instances better than virtually any article >> VentureBeat

Remember accurately those stats about Bing+ users?

This isn’t the first occasion Bing features tried to mislead with stats about Google+. Read more