The necessity for conformity in 37 CFR 1

However, when the individual presents the sequence as a sequence of specific nucleotide angles or amino acids, it is important to add the sequence in the series listing regardless of whether the candidate views the sequence are prior art

821(c) was guided to “disclosures of nucleotide and/or amino acid sequences.” (focus added.) All sequence details, whether stated or perhaps not, that suits the distance thresholds in 37 CFR 1.821(a) try susceptible to the principles. The purpose of any office should develop a comprehensive databases you can use for, inter alia, examining the last artwork. It is therefore important that sequence suggestions, whether best disclosed or also claimed, become part of the databases. In those times where past art sequences are merely known in confirmed software by-name and a publication or accession research, they need not be incorporated as part of the series listing, unless the referred-to series are “essential product” per MPEP A§ (p). Read more