Are you nice sufficient for Suga? Precisely what the BTS representative wants in the a sweetheart

BTS is actually notoriously stingy with respect to public romance. None of group’s 7 professionals enjoys accepted to presenting a good partner, because they prefer to manage the job & its Armed forces group of fans. That said, a few of the people possess discussed what they look for in a partner, whether it’s personality or personal build.

Suga, born Min Yoon-gi, is probably BTS’s extremely articulate affiliate regarding brand new material regarding good “fantasy woman.” They are chatted about the sort of features the guy likes on several days and even given the kind of tunes welfare he would such as their upcoming partner for. The guy demonstrably knows what he wants. Read on to find out if you match new dysfunction!

Comedy personality

Suga informed Somag Information one to his ideal spouse could have good quiet manner but could have a good sense of humor. The fresh new BTS singer claimed he doesn’t make fun of as much as he would would you like to, and so the notion of someone who can crack him up every day is very popular with your.

Suga has said in advance of one to identity is far more crucial that you your than just appearance. During the an excellent 2014 interview having Oricon Style , he acknowledge so you can becoming available to additional orientations & additional sexes provided the guy generated a legitimate experience of the person. Read more