Better Female Tat Performers in the UK

Leigh Oldcorn

Leigh Oldcorn are a grasp at reality and portraits. Merely see his profile! Its virtually just as if he’s imprinted an image entirely on your skin. Leigh could be the founder of Cosmic tat, a tattoo studio situated in the historical Essex area of Colchester. The studio had been established in 1998 and is also award-winning with worldwide recognition.

Along with his team of talented tattoo music artists, this is how Leigh Oldcorn produces their magnificent practical portrait tattoos. From canines and crazy cats to greatest icons and actors a€“ Leigh can ink all of them on your skin in amazing details.

Leigh typically works closely with black ink, creating incredible level and information with only one hue and a tat needle machine. Lots of their tattoos cover wider expanses of epidermis, in order to establish room enough for several that hyper reasonable image art!

There isn’t any diminished female skill in the united kingdom. You will have no hassle discovering talented, skilled women tat musicians in just about every city across the nation. But we planned to promote an additional unique shoutout these types of two amazing artists: sophistication Neutral and Rhi Hustwayte.

Elegance Neutral

Elegance Neutral is an exceptionally preferred and very talented handpoke tattoo musician presently employed in London in the Femme Fatale Tattoo studio. We love the girl style, and would their 500k Instagram supporters! Read more