Delicious Casual-Sex Reports from Exact Visitors? There’s a website for the

If you don’t frequently exchange intercourse reports together with your BFF over brunch or think about Cosmo your personal bible, chances are, you probably don’t discover what a lot about what’s taking place in other people’s rooms.

But one intercourse researcher desires to changes that.

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, exactly who shows peoples sex at ny institution, created Casual Intercourse task, a website that allows someone promote their own hookup stories in a completely honest, no-holds-barred way—no matter exactly how X-rated or boring.

“There tend to be truly areas [online] to publish erotic tales and areas for many demographics to share reports (e.g. swingers or LGBT),” Vrangalova informed Nerve, “but no place focused especially on everyday intercourse where everyone can post and every story—bad, great, erotic, boring—is greeting.”

Within 12 months, she’s collected myths outlining one-night really stands, people gender, and family with pros, chronicling the escapades of the so-called “Hookup Generation” and beyond. (based on Vrangalova, casual hookups aren’t the site of bored stiff twentysomethings only—plenty of this myths originate from people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s also.)

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