Another matter I asked if there have been any usa influences that he saw

Also he noticed that the medical facilities were getting much better in terms of medicine and in regards to the abundance of drugs that have been available

He said that Puerto Rico turned into considerably updated. However asked him just what he implied by that and he discussed that soil roadways became real and road signs went from composed over to plastic a€?neata€? lettering. He in addition mentioned that even more factories happened to be appearing in the country and much more equipment had been launched to simply help opportunities in the same way agriculture. When I requested a follow upwards concern because i desired understand if the guy sensed that outdoors impacts from united states of america had been close or bad for the nation.

Another matter I query got precisely why performed the guy discover a better possibility in the us in the place of in Puerto Rico. The guy said that he’d a few family of his which decided to go to the usa to find better job options. His buddies would just be sure to convince your to come to the usa simply because they had a position prearranged for him. Ultimately on ages of 16 he generated their decision to go away Puerto Rico and head to nyc in which good paying work is waiting for him. My personal follow through matter was actually when this had been a result of the alteration in life-style in which the agriculture areas in Puerto Rico turned most industrialized. The guy informed me that there are larger spending jobs in america because they had been rebuilding their economy after the big depression. The newest manufacturing plant work while the farming employment got almost no payouts in which he necessary to making a difficult choice. I inquired him if he had any regrets making their household Puerto Rico and following employment in the usa. He informed the guy would not because the guy obtained enough revenue which assisted his struggling household in Puerto Rico. Read more