Later Quaternary Aquatic Terraces and Tectonic Uplift Rates of one’s Bigger Neapolis Area (SE Peloponnese, Greece)

( an excellent ) The fresh new geotectonic form out of Greece (modified out of Reilinger ainsi que al. [ 58 ], and Vott et al. [ 67 ]) portraying the spot of the data city and you may ( b ) hill shaded chart of your own studies urban area created from topographic charts at the step 1:5000 level of one’s Hellenic Army Geographical Provider.

Geological chart of your research area altered out of Theodoropoulos [ 51 ], IGME [ 68 ], and you can Lekkas ainsi que al. [ 69 ]. Fault kinematics is actually undifferentiated, and most flaws was lifeless.

Schematic expression of one’s concerns taken into consideration to the long-label uplift pricing estimations, and the new relationship of marine terraces with earlier in the day ocean-top highstands. E ‘s the present-day level of one’s inner side of the latest patio, An excellent ‘s the chronilogical age of the new patio, elizabeth represents the newest level of one’s sea level within time of patio creation, therefore the delta symbols (?) portray the brand new estimated suspicion about various other variables. The latest ple.

Colored arrows (same color as the Shape cuatro ) point to terraces T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T8, and you may T9 ( b ) Look at the new paleo-coast angle out-of patio T3 (add up to MIS 5e sea-peak highstand) northern out-of Cape Punta

Geographic shipping of one’s uplifted marine terraces of the wider Neapolis city, southeastern Peloponnese. The region of your own topographic pages, in addition to located area of the OSL products, are portrayed.

( a great ) View of new flight off marine terraces northwest out of Cape Punta. ( c ) Reputation view of the brand new patio sequence for the western section of the fresh new Elafonissos Area ( d ) Look at the interior edge of patio T3 (comparable to MIS 5a ocean-top highstand) on north section of Elafonissos. ( elizabeth ) Outcrop regarding Terrace T5 caprock, northwest of Cape Punta. Read more