There were numerous meanings of “gay face,” as well as so it derogatory doozy:

I happened to be interested adequate regarding Rule’s results to look right up “homosexual face” from the Urban Dictionary, a famous Website that provides everyday, user-contributed meanings from informal (often crass) sayings. Everyone loves the brand new Metropolitan Dictionary since it grabs mans facts and you will entry to content independent of their genuine meaning; it is ergo normally a gauge regarding person mindset because it is an effective compendium from slang.

Even so they including admit that it’s impossible to see from the conclusions things it is on the such face has actually giving gays away

“One, usually homosexual, with a distinctly effete facial structure with many extremely specific iГ§erik have; a strong jawline [sic] that does not have prominence, room between your attention one remember individuals with off syndrome [sic], and you may a slanting, much time temple.”

Today, one an individual’s instead foolish and you may sensationalized-even politically think-and there’s no scientific research meant for these types of states regarding “mongoloid” top features of gay men’s face. Read more