Could it be OK to own gender with my girlfriend if she has mono?

Q: My sweetheart at this time have mono and that I have got it. Could it be OK if we have sexual intercourse? Just what are any dangers of having sexual intercourse along with her while she has mono?

A: Great concern. Seems easy, yet quite a few layers.

“Mono” (transmittable mononucleosis) officially refers to a problem of problems – distended lymph nodes, temperature, throat pain, weakness, etc. – in place of a specific problems. Many cases of mono in the US are thought to be brought on by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) but other malware, like Cytomegalovirus, may cause mono besides. But let’s believe that we’re talking about the usual EBV type of mono.

If the girl enjoys common discomfort and a bloodstream test that verified the medical diagnosis, then she actually is most likely transmittable.

EBV focuses in saliva, so group generally catch it through a cough, revealing utensils, or most famously, kissing. EBV tends to be transmitted various other means. Although not officially regarded as a sexually transmitted problems, one released research shows that EBV may be transmitted through sexual activity and therefore condoms offering some cover.

Most (only a few) healthy people who have had EBV mono build immunity to it and do not become ill from following exposures, so there was small chance of you acquiring mono again should you decide guys make love. You are going to virtually assuredly come in contact with the girlfriend’s EBV – generally there try a significant issues you will be re-infected, but miniscule possibility that you’ll establish mono once again. Read more