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Content Creation Tools

  1. Yahoo Drive a€“ Post-FOSTA, many studies of profile getting secured or data disappearing. Reporting by Motherboard. a€?Do maybe not publish sexually explicit or pornographic photographs or videos…. also, we do not allow content that drives traffic to industrial pornography.a€? in TOS a€“ but a few folks have said her private account happened to be directed.
  2. Microsoft OneDrive a€“ As a microsoft service, they now should be moderated for intimate information.
  3. ZohoDocs a€“ a€?Sexually Explicit materials a€“ Sexually direct items are the ones items that have mature or adult articles. We do not authorize consumers to create or transmit intimately explicit material using Zoho Services.a€? a€“ in TOS
  4. UpWork a€“ a€?anyone recently learned that your task article provided mature material, that will be against the regards to utilize. person articles include material which thought about adult, sexual, obscene, or intimately explicit. As a result, we removed the post and eliminated any proposals that had been already presented.a€? a€“ although real task uploading didn’t come with sex content material, just mentioned support is needed for web site that a€?contained sex contenta€?. a€“ from personal experience (Liara Roux)

Content Circulation Networks

  1. Vimeo a€“ Removes profile with content a€?focused on intimate stimulationa€?, personal experience. (a€?I became careful with my Vimeo to prevent send any content material that has been less tame than your own ordinary songs movie. Read more