7 of Swords as an information. What is someone meant to would when this appears as a prompt?

I lately begun reading for other people within AT and I also over repeatedly hold getting 7 Swords as a card for either forseeable future or recommendations during these indication. Most frequently indication go for about reconciliating with an ex and that I just can’t find exactly what 7 Swords could suggest. We read it as accumulating suggestions unnoticed or getting some secondary motion; but i am actually at control what type of an advice it’s.

I thought in the beginning it could be about gathering information about each other for most of the truth before making a decision (online queries, asking from company) but it doesn’t quite match often and my querents don’t seem to have this card, it doesn’t resonate along with their condition.

For myself personally this cards features usually meant carrying out analysis (event info) but I absolutely do not think that’s the information right here.

Any help is valued!

For me, the 7 of swords could be the quintessential credit of deception. It might be one thing because dramatic as effective deception for among members of the connection, but oftentimes I’ve found it appears in things of self-deception. The querent try picking and picking out the details they want to eliminate from a situation, and they’re either lost or purposely overlooking more items of information which are vital.

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